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Voltage Characteristics Of Z-diodes
Wednesday, 16. July 2008

Z-Diodes are often used for simple voltage stabilized circuits. It is very important to use the Z-diode with the correct parameters.
This article shows an example for the voltage characteristics of two Z-diodes.


Observations On Batteries
Friday, 23. February 2007

This article takes a look on the costs of batteries compared to accumulators and additional chargers.


Impedance Converter And Non-inverting Amplifier
Sunday, 21. January 2007

This article shows an operational amplifier (OP) that is used as an impedance converter. This ciruit will then extended to a non-inverting amplifier.


Extremely Fast Case Construction
Tuesday, 5. December 2006

What hobbyist does not know the problem, that a commercial case does not quiet fit for the current project?

This method shows a case construction with a low bill of materials.


Comparator With Hysteresis(Schmitt-Trigger)
Friday, 28. July 2006

In some cases one needs a comparator with a hysteresis. This curcuit suggestion shows further the possibility of a inverting or non-inverting operation.