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Schematic Symbols that make sense
Thursday, 25. January 2018

Some people draw their schematic symbols strait according to the pin arrangement of the component.
For explanation they say this prevents confusion during layout when signals are on a different location then in the schematic.
But the schematic is the “Source code” for the layout design. It needs to be drawn in a way to be read fast and unambiguously to enable that mistakes in connections can be spotted easily. For this it helps to prevent wire crossings where ever possible.

Why Hidden Pins are Evil (and Nets Should Only Have One Name)
Friday, 5. February 2016

Since some years ago I use the KiCad EDA suite. (And I also collaborated on the translation of the KiCad documentation.)

I’m a electronics engineer and hardware developer in a big company where I do embedded designs in high voltage environments.

KiCad makes a lot of things right but there are some things that annoy me. One is the “one net multiple names” “feature” which is made worse by an even more annoying “feature”: hidden pins.