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Sunday, 27. March 2011

Zu meinen Arbeitsaufgaben gehört es unter Anderem FMEA (Risikoanalyse) durchzuführen.

Die grundsätzliche Vorgehensweise bei einer FMEA ist folgende:


Precise Cutting Of Material
Thursday, 16. July 2009

This article  shows how to achieve good results for cutting boards with inexpensive tools.


Hierarchical Designs With GEDA
Sunday, 21. June 2009

For the hobbyist there are not many powerful and free schematic and layout software. For Linux and Mac OS X there is the software package gEDA. With that you can draw schematics and create layouts. This article shows how you can create even hierachical designs with that software.


Information On Lead Free Soldering
Thursday, 4. June 2009

Here is some interesting information on the topic lead free soldering. This information originates from a specialist on soldering of a big international distributor.


Generate Modulated PWM with LTSpice
Friday, 12. December 2008

LTSpice knows different signal sources. Unfurtunately there is no modulated PWM. This article shows how to generate a voltage controlled PWM.