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Schematic Symbols that make sense
Thursday, 25. January 2018

Some people draw their schematic symbols strait according to the pin arrangement of the component.
For explanation they say this prevents confusion during layout when signals are on a different location then in the schematic.
But the schematic is the “Source code” for the layout design. It needs to be drawn in a way to be read fast and unambiguously to enable that mistakes in connections can be spotted easily. For this it helps to prevent wire crossings where ever possible.

Template Test Report
Tuesday, 23. January 2018

In my day job I need to do a lot of testing during hardware development.

Over the years we developed an in my opinion quite good template for our test reports.

I simplified it to simple text format just to provide the structure and required information. Design is up to you and your corporate needs such as header, footline corporation logo, font and so on.

So, if you also feel the need to have a structured document for your hardware test reports, here you go:


Tiny LED booster
Sunday, 11. January 2015

I own an older head-lamp (one that has a rubber band which you wear on your head) that still operated with a light bulb.

But LED technology has made impressive progress in recent years and therefore I had the idea to transform this lamp to a LED light source.


Template: Strip grid PCB
Wednesday, 14. April 2010

For fast prototyping or small circuits strip grid PCBs are ideal.

The components are fast placed, the connections/routes in the one direction are yet there. One only needs to place the wire jumpers or sometimes needs to cut a PCB route.