27. April 2018
Tips for Presentations

Today (2018-04-27) I found these tips on Twitter by @heydebigale, they seem like a good collection:

  • Keep color schemes simple. Try to stick to no more than 3 colors beyond black & white.
    • If using 3 colors, try using the 60/30/10 rule for percentages of use of each color. This will allow color to emphasize.
  • Consider using contrasting colors to emphasize difference & harmonious colors to illustrate unifying concepts.
  • Consider color vision deficiency. Use different value (not just hue) to be sure that your text is easy to read.
  • Never use color alone to convey your meaning.
  • For screen layout, use the rule of thirds.
    • Split the screen into a 3×3 grid.
    • Important elements should be placed at 1 or more of intersecting points.
  • Always create a strong focal point.
  • Avoid holes in layout and move white space to the outside boarder.
  • When considering typography and text, use text size for hierarchy/importance.
    • Avoid using more than three font sizes.
  • Text should not be more than about 1/4 to 1/3 of the real estate on the screen.

Another couple of interesting rules:

  • Mayer’s Multimedia Principle: people learn better from words paired with pictures than words alone.
  • Mayer’s Modality Principle: People learn better from graphics with narrations than from graphics with on screen text.

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